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Women's Wellth 360 Team

At the heart of true leadership is Abundance.

Through service, sharing ideas, supporting each other & creating art and cultural experiences for women in our community - we unite to form a strong circle of support around each woman, embedding and sharing the secret of abundance with our members.


Azu Denton

Curator & CEO

Azu Denton is the founder and CEO of Omni Analytics - an Omni Channel Solutions company. With more than 20 years of experience & exposure to the Retail Industry, in both sides of the negotiating table: Sales and Buying. A strategist with a global mindset always taking advantage of the changing business environment and key drivers to exceed expectations.

Azu worked in Walmart in the Global Business Process team working with the Brazil operation. Prior to Walmart Azu worked for Philips Consumer Electronics as the Global Business Development Manager supporting all international countries where Walmart was present. Prior to that she worked in category management for several fortune 500 companies.

Azu Denton also supports the community as a board chair for the newly created Organization of Women in International Trade (OWITT) NWA. She is an original founder of Women's Wellth 360 - a strong network of women-owned businesses making a difference in the lives of other women through shared knowledge, connection, and empowerment to create a stronger community


Brenda Riney

Curator & Business Executive

Brenda Riney is a successful serial entrepreneur and the owner / CEO of The Entrepreneur's Source. Our discovery and education-based method of career ownership coaching allows our clients to discover self-employment proven business opportunities that are ideally suited for what they are seeking for themselves and their families.

Brenda is the founder / CEO of Eco-Power Energy that is launching revolutionary new hybrid generators and a clean water desalination system.

Brenda is also the owner of The Deductions Experts. We assist Consumer Packaged Goods vendors in the successful recovery of $millions in deductions that are rightfully theirs from Walmart & Sam's Club with our market-leading AI system tools and expertise.

Brenda is a highly capable, innovative executive leader with 3 decades of success in leading teams to develop new products & services by creating award winning sales strategies & unprecedented 360 omni-channel marketing programs.

Brenda has her BS in Industrial Engineering from University of Missouri - Columbia and her MBA from Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville.

Brenda is an original founder of Women's Wellth 360 and enjoys helping women transform to live a life of abundance (especially as a loving mother of 3 wonderful daughters).

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Dr. Natalie Horine

Curator & Executive Sponsor

Dr. Natalie is a principled Doctor of Chiropractic She believes in the power that made the body can certainly heal the body…She has practiced chiropractic with her husband since 2014, 3.5 years in California and the rest in Rogers, Arkansas at Ignite Chiropractic. Together, with her husband, they practice as they preach in trusting the body to provide feedback and using the adjustment, dietary changes and spiritual practices to return the body to its god given potential of health and healing.

Dr. Natalie also has training through The School of Detoxification to aid people on their healing journeys through the power of Mother Earth’s fruits, vegetables and herbs. In addition, she is becoming a Magnetic Mind Coach which allows her to access the superconscious to re-code and smooth out emotional, generational and mental resistances that are preventing people from creating a life that they love. As a practicing Human Design reader, she also uses her understanding of a person’s soul blueprint to aid them in understanding themselves, their kids, other family members, significant others, friends, co-workers and employees.

Combine all this knowledge and current practices with her intuitive and spiritual healing senses and Dr. Natalie has quite an array of knowledge, healing and empowerment that she wants to continue to impart on others that are ready to awaken and expand their potential - mentally, physically and spiritually.

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Lisa Mann Jones MSN, RN, IWLC

Curator & Executive Manager

Lisa has been working with women in healthcare for over 20 years. She is a Divine Feminine Power Coach, teaching others to how to use Feminine Frequencies and REiki for complex health challenges women may face.

She brings attention to their sacral chakra, activating more Shakti for hormone balance. 

Lisa holds a Master's degree as a Registered Nurse & is certified as an Integrative Wellness & Life Coach for improved sleep, mood, & activity levels that deeply affect a women's physiological processes. 

She teaches women how to listen to their intuition and work with Frequency, Sound, Meditation, Tuning Forks, Reiki therapy & consultation for complex health challenges. She offers private 1-1 & group sessions for all members of WW360 and is an advocate for music for mental wellbeing vs. pharmaceutical or conventional treatments. 

Holding Hands

The 360 Degrees of our Team= Circle

Women leading in a circle bring more Abundance to our Community

Sponsored by:

Omni Analytics

The Entrepreneur Source

Natural State Life Coaching

Ignite Chiropractic

The Essential Oil Shoppe

Blessed Bohemian Properties

Awaken Transformation

The Moonstone Buffalo 

Natural Sweet Life

The Feminine Collective  

Art Ventures

Tailored Living 

Eureka Graphic Design

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