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Image by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos

Our Four Pillars

Women's Wellth 360, launched from a strong network of woman-owned businesses making a difference in the lives of other women through shared knowledge, connection and empowerment~to create a stronger community. 

Our Pillars

Wellness through Wellth -

We cultivate an "Abundance" mindset - that means we create a life that we desire, by integrating mind, body and spirit. We promote a healthy lifestyle through health and wellness practices that elevates consciousness and our community’s wellbeing. This is what activates our power as sovereign women.

Culture -

Celebrating women from all cultures we are excited to collaborate and expand our knowledge. We serve as teachers and mentors to each other while fostering a loving environment of sisterhood.


We build a community of strong women that enjoys exploring new ideas in any area of life together. Our community promotes member support, business promotion and networking, volunteerism and even mentoring new business startups. We support them in their journey to grow and evolve to their true potential.

Trade -

We support trade of products and services that are good for the individual, community and planet. We actively promote products and services as part of the network or grid. This has the potential to provide evergreen clients to all our members and hosts, which is a huge benefit to our members.


We do this through our network meetings, workshops, mini-events, meet-ups, and trips- to learn about other cultures, our community and discover real entrepreneurial support!


Women who gather in circles gain perspective 

and gain perspective.


You can join us anytime!

Learn & how use new tools & techniques to create your own sense of WELLTH-

 such as:

  • Finding your Voice as an Executive Woman

  • Discovering your Inner Power for Career

  • Practicing Mindfulness throughout your day

  • Step from financial debt into abundance

  • Engage in Business Start Up Discussions

  • Tips on Yoga, Qigong, Belly Dancing

  • Stress Management

  • Action Planning & Mapping

  • Tips to reduce your personal footprint

  • Exposure to other cultures & retreats

  • An opportunity to build a community of strong women

  • Join resources to support local non-profits

  • Tips for optimal health and well being

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