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The stones on the bracelets have the colors of the chakras and are infused with chakra energy from the Healy device on a weekly basis.  They also garner inspiration from the Divine Feminine:

Isis - Root - Red (grounding, safety, stability)                                                      =  Red Jade, red carnelian

Hathor - Sacral - Orange (creativity, pleasure emotions)                               = Carnelian, jasper

Green Tara - Plexus - Yellow (willpower, self worth, empowerment)          = Agate, Aventurine

Mother Mary - Heart - Green (love, compassion, gratitude)                          = Aventurine, jade

Mary Magdalene - Throat -  Light Blue (comm,  expression, truth)             = Turquoise

Quan Yin - 3rd Eye - Dark Blue (Intuition wisdom, vision)                               = Lapiz Lazuli

White Buffalo Woman - Crown - Purple (unity, transcendance, source)    = Amethyst, Agate 

WW360 Devine Feminine Bracelets - Semi Precious Stones Energy Infused

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