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Melody Taylor

Beautiful Lives Boutique​​​​

Executive Director  

Go Near Ministry

Beautiful Lives Boutique

Beautiful Lives Boutique is a nonprofit women's upscale thrift shop benefitting women and children in need locally and globally. 

1108 N. College Ave.  Hours: Mon- Sat. 10 am - 6 pm

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Beautiful Lives Boutique is a unique gem in this community. Profits from the store support three nonprofit organizations! BLB is able to provide resources for women and children in need. If you have visited Beautiful Lives Boutique no doubt you have met the founder, Melody Taylor. Her passion for life and giving back to the world inspires and nurtures those around her. Melody is leads humanitarian trips to Kenya for Go Near ministry. Go Near is one of the organizations supported by BLB. Melody, along with twenty eight young people have embarked on a journey to empower women and children in Kenya. They work with widows, orphans, school children and prisoners to mobilize resources and offer spiritual encouragement. Melody is Team 360's Keynote Speaker and a powerful ministry for women and children. Wellth 360 will be donating proceeds from the Conference to Go Near!


Azu Denton

Omni Analytics

The Curator Team

Women's Wellth 360


Azu Denton is the CEO of Omni Analytics a retail consulting company that works with manufacturers in Latin America and Mexico.  She also works with strategic partners to source quality innovative (healthy, organic) products to US.  In addition to her passion in retail she also helps the community by serving in the board of directors of two non-profits Big Brothers Big Sisters of NWA and Youth Bridge.  She is a long time resident of Rogers, AR and one of the original curators of Women’s Wellth 360.


Brenda Riney​

The Entrepreneur's Source (TES)
Alternate Career Coach

Curator of Wellth 360

The Entrepreneur's Source - Bentonville, AR

mobile: 479-381-4062



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Lisa Mann MSN, RN, IWLC

Natural State Life Coaching


Lisa has been working with women in healthcare for over 15 years. She coaches individuals and students towards balance in the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of wellness-empowering others to bring clarity to their lives.​

As a Wellness Coach, Lisa has a background in nursing & clinical education. Lisa holds a Master's degree as a Registered Nurse & is certified as an Integrative Wellness & Life Coach. She coaches you to have serious accountability in order to improve health patterns- from sleep, appetite, mood, negative thoughts, activity levels that affect a women's physiological processes. Lisa works with each person, especially women- to bring inner healing using Integrative Wellness. She teaches women how to listen to their intuition- their "gut trust"-to help our own bodies heal using over 20 coaching techniques. She was instructed by Rachel Ava, Integrative Life Coach, Author, Speaker, National Trainer & founder of Integrative Wellness Academy, where Lisa received her training. In 2017, Lisa lived out her dream & founded Natural State Life Coaching in Rogers, AR. She helps mentor other coaches start their business. Today, there is solid research on the positive effect the emotional clearing techniques used in coaching work & how these specific methods can improve your life on many levels. 

Her teaching: Lisa is going to teach YOU how to create a vision map for YOUR OWN personal healing- to empower, create and ACT-so you can change your life... giving clarity and purpose for anyone who signs up for her session!


Dr. Natalie Horine

Ignite Chiropractic

Before moving to Rogers, Arkansas Dr. Natalie Horine ran one of the most successful chiropractic practices in Central California based strictly on results and word of mouth referrals. 

Her and husband Dr. Lee Horine are on fire for chiropractic... and for good reason...

"Most people don't know that chiropractic can have such a massive impact on people's lives... but we literally get multiple testimonials every day in practice like this. So yeah, its nearly impossible to not be fired up about chiropractic... 

 Both husband and wife team- Ignite Chiropractic- have a diverse educational background. In addition to their Doctor of Chiropractic degree, Natalie holds a Masters degree in Sport Science and over 400 hours of post-doctoral education in Functional Neurology combined with 2 years experience as instructors for anatomy teaching human dissection.

Additionally, they served as interns for one of the world's leading mild traumatic brain injury clinics based in Atlanta, GA, where they worked with elite NFL, NHL, Olympic and collegiate athletes. 

Dr. Lee says, "When we see someone who has been told by entire teams of medical doctors at the Mayo Clinic that there's nothing more that can be done - and you witness these people recover through neurologically-based chiropractic care... it quickly changes your belief system as a doctor. We truly have infinite potential to heal. It inspires us to keep pushing. To keep getting the word out however we can about chiropractic. Because the medical system is broken. And with neurologically-based chiropractic corrective care we have an amazing solution that the world needs to know about and have access to."


Dr. Janet Lynas Westley

Mind Body Connection Hypnosis

"Connecting to Your Higher Self & Finding Your Inner Strength"

Jan is a dynamic healthcare provider. She holds a Ph.D. in Natural Health (N.H.D.), Master’s in Health Care Administration (M.H.C.A.), B.S.N, Bachelors in Metaphysical Science, and is a Certified Hypnotherapist from Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Through the years her education evolved. Starting out her career as a LPN, she then received an Associate in Science in Nursing -RN,  a B.S.N., and before long she was earning a Master’s in Health Care Administration, simultaneously earning a Ph.D. in Natural Health.  Along the way Janet received certification in Therapeutic Hypnosis and advanced training in Regression Hypnosis.  If you ask Jan what did she learn from all these degrees and training, she says "that one must continue learning and moving forward or you become stagnant." Her passion is giving people the tools they need for better health through hypnosis for health challenges and personal improvement, such as quitting a habit or making healthier food choices! 

One of Jan's favorite quotes is:

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."


Peggy Fowler

Culinary Nutrition and Healthy Living Centers


Peggy is owner of Culinary Nutrition and Healthy Living Centers in Bentonville Arkansas. Our Business is a labor of love, born out of a desire to spread the value of healthy living, living with a purpose and having a shift in consciousness on the direct role that nutrition has on our spiritual, mental and physical self.  


We meet women who are so busy and stressed with their routine; they often neglect their own personal health.  It results in haphazardly or mindless eating, choosing convenience instead of whole food or they’ve stopped preparing healthier food at home.  This pattern leaves us exhausted, frustrated, gaining weight or worse, on medications with horrible side affects, headed toward chronic disease.  Depression and stress sets in and prevents us from pursuing the life we most want.

Successful, accomplished women blame it on lack of willpower to eat healthier, and consider themselves weak in this part of their life. But did you know that there is a biological instinct going on inside us, seeking pleasure, even when we know it is not good for us? Have you ever felt that every time we eat something wrong, it feels right and every time we eat something right is feels wrong?

This paradox is at the crux of why our nation has become fat, sick and nearly dead. We’ll talk about the secret for sidestepping this pleasure trap, based on research by renowned Dr. Doug Lisle.

In our session at Women’s Wellth 360, Peggy will teach you how to move from mindlessly eating to understanding why you choose the food you crave, how to understand why you do it and how to break the cycle and trap going on in your mind. With this new insight into the reasons you choose particular foods, you’ll be given insight into your craving, an understanding of your instinctual pleasure centers, and how to break the pattern and begin to fuel your body with whole healthy foods to also equally enrich your mind and spirit with balance and purpose. 

Peggy will also share how to know what is good for you and what is junk food. We’ll give you the tools to critically examine the confusing and misleading information you will find on the back of the box of every product you buy.


Christi Daniels

Empower Studio

Dancing with the Moon 101 - Creating a Personal Lunar Practice to Enrich Your Life


Christi Daniels is a Visionkeeper and Personal Power Coach at Empower Studio. The first decision she ever made that honored herself, rather than putting everyone else first- was to move her little family with 3 young kids from the suburbs and into a tent in the country for the summer. She continued to telecommute to her corporate job from the tent, but as she reconnected with natural cycles of sleeping when the sun set and rising when the sun rose, she learned how disconnected she had been beforehand, AND how priceless and powerful the state of connection with nature, ourselves, and those we love can be.


Ever since, she’s been learning and growing into her current role as a fierce advocate for women and an ally as they empower themselves to create the changes they want to see in the world.


Stacy Antonelli​

Body Love Naturals


We envision a not-so-far-off future where all-natural, safe skincare and bath & body products are easily accessible and affordable to women, men, children and fur babies of all income levels (we realize the larger humans are probably purchasing for the kiddos and pets, but you know what we mean here).


Our mission at Bodylove Naturals is to source the finest all-natural ingredients to craft our products and deliver them to market. We aspire to be the most loved, respected and trusted all-natural skincare and bath & body products brand in the area, while encouraging a regular practice of self love and self care. We collaborate only with partners who are passionate about living a healthy lifestyle through the use of all-natural products and who’s lifestyles include the consistent practice of self love and care.

Social Consciousness

There are many children who are not able to attend school on a regular basis because they do not have the resources to clean their bodies or clothes.  In an effort to diminish this heartbreaking number, for every $100 dollars spent in-store or online, Bodylove Naturals will donate one Self Care Kit to a child in need, which will include a toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo and soap bar and will last approximately thirty days. 

​We partner with local schools and charities to schedule designated days and/or events during which a percentage of our revenue will be donated back to their organization.

Body Love Naturals participates in and supports our local community by providing socially conscious jobs and by creating accessibility to quality products that support healthy lifestyles, while inspiring people to love their bodies exactly as they are, naturally.


Lileith Polite

 Awaken Your Instinct

Lileith has studied with both local teachers, and world famous belly dance stars including Ansuya Rathor, Sadie Marquardt and Isidora Hart (Izzy).  She has taken workshops with Yasmine of South Carolina, Aradia, Michelle Joyce and Zoe Jakes, Princess Farhana, Suhaila Salimpour, Aziza, and Mia Sha'uri.  She was fortunate to take private lessons with original Belly Dance Superstar Ansuya Rathor, eventually earning her Ansuya Bellydance Certification, in 2013.  Her program is a deep dive into creating an evolving, eclectic, sensually empowered, personal belly dance style with a strong technical base in American Cabaret Technique and Improvisation Concepts, Fusion and Prop Technique and Combos.   

Through her education and experience she developed a style that is uniquely hers.  She dances American Cabaret style, inspired and infused with other dance stylings such as hip hop, samba, Tahitian and Bollywood.  Her favorite props have become Isis Wings, fan veil, and most of all Fire Fans!   

Lileith's dances tell stories, embodying a character, so that each dance has depth and meaning.  Her goal is to touch and stir the souls of the audience.  Because of her broad range of fusion dance study, she has become a versatile and innovative dancer, always bringing variety and fresh ideas to the stage.


Currently, Lileith is the business manager and a founding member of Orenda, a Fayetteville-based Cirque Group that produces and performs theatrical variety shows of different themes.     


Contact her at for any booking or class information!

Amy Babb.jpg

Amy Babb L.Ac. MAcOM

Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner

Roots of Renewal Acupuncture


Over the past 6 years she Amy has traveled with the holistic tools of Oriental Medicine from Texas to Nepal, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Washington, DC. Witness to thousands of people experiencing full relief of their ailments or a significant reduction in symptoms-Amy was able to help her clients reach a level of relief- without the need for stronger interventions like pharmaceuticals and surgery.​

She has successfully worked with people on a variety of health issues ranging from post-stroke recovery to chronic urinary tract infections, fertility issues, weakened or hyper immune function, depression, anxiety, insomnia, chronic fatigue, digestive issues, post-radiation recovery and all types of physical pain to name a few.

Her training and certifications are extensive:

  • Licensed Acupuncturist in Arkansas and Washington, D.C. 

  • Diplomate of Oriental Medicine, National Certification Commission for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

  • Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine              

  • Bachelor’s degree in Contemplative Psychology with a focus on Health and Healing and a minor in Religious Studies from Naropa University                     

  • Certification as a WuDang Qigong and Tai Chi (Ji) instructor with Master Chen

  • Advanced seminars in scalp and facial acupuncture, herbal treatment of cancer and gynecological disorders at AOMA, and pulse diagnosis with Dr. Will Morris, Ph.D, DAOM, LAc.

  • Japanese Traditional Acupuncture training from The Hari Society with T. Koei Kuwahara Lic. Ac.​

  • Reiki Master Level in the Usui System of Reiki from Heart of Freedom Center with Hannah Setu

Amy has a true passion for helping people discover the root cause of a condition to promote healing and optimum wellness in mind, body, emotions, and spirit. She provides a calm meditative space for anyone to discover what the body system needs and she believes that deep healing comes with love and joy.

kym blue.jpg

Kim Rodda


"Living our Best Self"

"Why do we automatically assume other people 

are better?  We ARE just as capable.  How to re-
write our inner value dialogue and cut out self-sabotage.

It's a daily practice, and this is our starting place."

The eaChica Story

Several Months ago her 12 year daughter old came to Kim Rodda; wanting to start a company which would help to inspire girls.


Kim Rodda support teens and their ambitions, so she encouraged her daughter to find a name for the new company. It was not long after that moment in time that her daughter came back with a name.  

"I have a name for the company" She says. "I think it should be called "EA". In Hawaiian, it means no one can hold you back".

I went over to the computer and started searching.

Sure enough I saw words and phrases like; "sovereignty", "breath", "life force", "independence", "to rise up".

Curious I looked up the meaning of "EA" in other languages. In Latin it means "female". In Old English is means "rising water" or "flood". In Spanish it means "hey" or "come on!".

The word was perfect, when you combine the mean of the word in all of its languages "EA" is the unstoppable girl. 

So we have formed a mission based apparel company which seeks to help girls build and maintain inner strength. Our goal is to offer the following things to girls; 

  • Inspirational apparel and gifts. Most of the inspirational apparel we see in stores geared towards athletes. We wanted create apparel which would be inspiring to girls regardless of their interests. 

  • A blog and social media channels which girls would find encouraging to them. 

  • "Power Lunches" and "Strong Girl Rallies". "Power Lunches" are weekly lunches held on school campuses. During these lunches an adult will guide the girls in a conversation with the goal of helping them to build and maintain inner strength. They will also help them to empower each other. At "Strong Girl Rallies" the girls will go a retreat with a group of other girls with those same goals in mind.

jessica fowler.jpg

Jessica Fowler, APN

Vitality Yoga 

As a board certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, Jessica uses a holistic approach to psychotherapy including a strong yoga and mindfulness component. She accepts BCBS and self-pay clients for her mental health practice, but there is something more about Ms. Fowler....

She also owns Vitality Yoga, a trauma informed yoga studio where she works with individuals for anxiety, stress, PTSD, depression and addresses through yoga an informed yoga therapy approach towards healing.

Jessica says that "every week isn’t a cake walk, some weeks and seasons are hard! Being mentally healthy doesn’t equate being mentally happy. Don’t look around at others and assume that their happiness is a reflection of your failure. Instead, take time to meditate over where you’re at, reflect on your goals and the best way to move forward, and empower yourself to do something that will bring you joy. For me? That’s a little yoga and chasing the sun. 🌞"

#findyourvitalitynwa #beachyoga #chasethesun



Turning Finances to Power

Sarah Catherine (SC) Gutierrez is the founder of Aptus Financial. She holds an MPP from Harvard University and the CFP® designation. She founded Aptus to give clients access to true fiduciaries by charging hourly fees for financial planning and to teach clients to manage their own money. Aptus advises on retirement plans, also with hourly fees, offering unique financial wellness as part of a bundled advisory offering. Aptus partners have guided hundreds of financial plans for clients around the country, and SC speaks and blogs publicly on topics like how to create a cash flow management system that works, how to save money, and how to DIY your investments.

Sarah Catherine is a permanent trustee for the Donaghey Foundation and a Rotary Club 99 Foundation trustee. She and her husband own Club 27 downtown in the River Market and have three children, Marco (5), Max (3) and Lucia (2). In their spare time, Jorge and Sarah Catherine love to teach and dance salsa together.

Sarah Catherine will present on the opportunity for women business owners and leaders to turn finances to power for both themselves and society. For many successful women, retirement can be a dirty word. They have too much fun in their businesses and leadership roles, making the prospect of saving seem pointless. But the realities of life, from aging to health, as well as uncertainties in businesses and industries, require women to take money off the table into long-term savings. Importantly, Sarah Catherine wants to challenge the participants to think beyond saving just for their own benefit. Sarah Catherine believes that women can create business environments that promote and encourage employees to save enough to be able to retire, themselves.

Kayla & Abby.jpg

The Yoga Loft

Abigail Zimmerman & Kayla Brown


The Yoga Loft is a small studio nestled into Historic Downtown Rogers. We strive to be your home not only for yoga, but also for community. Come explore your dreams with us!  Founders Abby & Kayla have passion to create a welcoming environment.


Abby challenges her students to grow in their practice. She has been practicing yoga since 2011, and decided to become an instructor in 2016. Abby truly believes yoga is special because it is so inclusive; everyone can do yoga and everyone would benefit from a regular practice. 

Kayla found yoga 10 years ago after her second fractured knee left her feeling frustrated. After having been an active individual, she sought a physical exercise that was challenging, yet forgiving. Yoga fueled her competitive spirit while simultaneously granting stress relief. After continuing dedication, she has found that yoga is more than physical work. Yoga is a lifestyle that is applicable to all aspects of your life. Her mind is calmer and her body is happy.